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If you’re looking for a photographer but would also like a short video on your wedding day, then this is the package for you! I’m offering a service. The primary focus will be photography, and videography will be secondary. How this works is that I will have at least 2 cameras on me at all times, rotating between photo and video. The wedding film will not look and feel the same as the other wedding highlight films I’ve created. It will contain a more handheld and shakey look to the footage, which means the videos won’t look as steady/smooth but will contain a more imitate and documentary video style. I’ll be filming specific moments that would present the best for the highlight. Think of this package as getting full-day wedding photography coverage, but add a short highlight film to your wedding to relive moments of your special day.


Wedding Photography

    • Full-day coverage (8+ hours)

    • 300 + photos minimum

    • Online viewing gallery

    • Custom Social Media Video Edit (Vertical Video)

Wedding Add-on


Wedding Videography

  • Selective partial-day coverage

  • Wedding highlight film (approximately 3 minutes)



Full Day Coverage for 2nd photographer: $500 ~ $700

  • I recommend adding a 2nd photographer to get more photos from a variety of different angles.



  • Full Day Coverage for 2nd videographer: $400 ~ $700

  • Entire Day RAW footage: $400 (please message me for further details)

*Purchasing the RAW footage from the entire wedding day will come with an external hard drive to store all of the videos, including the edited highlight film. I shoot all of my videos in a desaturated flat color setting, which is what you would see in purchasing the RAW footage. I film in this setting because it allows me to have more control and flexibility in editing the colors and mood of the videos. Due to the high video data setting, not all computers or devices can properly view the footage smoothly. Basically, what I see is what you will see from all of the footage. I do not recommend this package for most couples as it may not be suited for everyone.

  • Documentary wedding film (1 - 2 hours video length): $800

*Documentary wedding films record a majority of the day and put together into a long video. Please keep in mind that I will need to hire a 2nd videographer or an assistant to help film this, which would add more cost to the total of the services. It will contain most of the important events throughout your wedding day in a linear video so you can remember every part of the day. This add-on also comes with an external hard drive for you to store all of the videos.

Example: Morning Preparations - First Look - Ceremony/Church - Reception - First Dance - Send Off / Dance Floor.

If you have any specific request for more coverage that is not listed here, please let me know!

Satisfaction Guarantee

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